Spinner - Our Rescue Dog

Born we think sometime in 1999, she was found roaming the streets in north end Dartmouth.  We first laid eyes on her at the SPCA shelter.  We were looking to rescue a dog for us and Riley.  When I first saw her, she was in a pen.  She jumped up and ran over to the fence, her tail wagging - no - actually banging back and forth.  I did not need to look further.  She looked me in the eyes and I was smitten. 

They told us they thought she was abused, and we saw evidence of it.  She displayed some signs of food aggression, she was afraid of a hand coming over the top of her head to pat her.  To me a sign of getting hit.  She was full of energy and needed to vent it, and more importantly, focus it.

She became Lisa's dog.  Lisa and Spinner took up Fly Ball.  And they took it on the road across the Maritimes to flyball events.  Spinner loved it (as did Lisa).  But for our athletic nut job dog, this was not enough, so she also took up dock diving.  And again she loved it.  Actually she loved anything that included running, competing, running, swimming, catching - you name it.  Meanwhile Riley enjoyed the relaxed life of chasing "snacks". 

She was a mix breed and we found out there was a tracking dog in there somewhere.  If she halted anywhere and got interested in a box or under deck area or whatever, rest assured there was a mouse or raccoon or some animal hiding there.  She was right 100% of the time, it took as a while before we realized this and thereafter always trusted her instinct. 

The morning after Riley passed away, as I was dressing for work, (at left) I found what Spinner had placed on my shoes.

Spinner outlived Riley by 2 years.  She was an amazing dog for all of her 15+ years.  Those of you who knew her will remember.  Men know to protect their junk from the wagging tail. I could go on and on... The house is no longer the same without her. 

Rest in peace Spinner aka Spinnie, Snout2 and so many other names.  We will meet again sometime into the future.  You are with Riley now.

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