2004 Cuba

Make sure your speakers are on and enjoy the Cha Cha (Cha).

09apr04 - 23apr04 in Melia Cayo Gueirmo.  Lisa and I went down with my brother Paul and his lovely wife Coco.  They stayed a week.  My other brother Wayne and his better half were already there nearby - so we hooked up for a couple days.  When They all left on 16apr04, we were joined by our great friends Judy and Bruce.  Bruce is in "mussels".

While there we met great people from the Maritimes and England.  They include Lawrence, Victoria, Page, Loren, Brian, Art, John and others I may forget to type in here - remember I had a few drinks.

The animation team was also great especially Jimmy and Carlos (who we find out on the last day was really Roy).