2005 Punta Cana

Just a few of the 700+ photos.  Turn on your speakers!
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Pool view about mid point.  The pool ran the length of the resort.  Click to enlarge.

11apr04 - 25apr04 in Sunscape The Beach, Punta Cana Dominican Republic.  Lisa and I went down with our great friends Tony and Jane Chick, and were later joined by our other great friends Bruce and Judy, and my brother Paul and his wife Coco.

While there we met great people from the US, England and some old friends from last year's Cuba trip (Art and Brian) from good old Nova Scotia who we just happened to meet at the airport on the way back - they stayed at a different resort.

Below, our arrival in Punta Cana.  Please note this photo has not been retouched or airbrushed.