2007 Cuba

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There is so much to show...  including view from our deck below...

The Heated Private Hill Top Concierge Pool (click on it to see the enlarged view)

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08-22apr07 in Paradisus Princesa Del Mar (last year it was called Sandals Princesa Del Mar).  We loved the place so much, we went back - mainly because my brother Wayne was getting married.

For extensive resort photos, see last year's photos by clicking here.  The photos here under Cuba 2007 are all new.

I have some high resolution pictures here, like the pool one above if you click on it.  When you do, let your browser load it completely.  Then scroll around in it, the resolution is fantastic, very detailed.  Check out the people in the middle of the pool above to get an appreciation of what it was like to be in the pool looking out into infinity. 

Internet Explorer for example will download the whole picture, make it fit on your screen, then allow you to zoom in by clicking on a sizing icon at bottom left of the image which appears when you move the cursor over the image.

The View from our deck (click on it to see the enlarged view)