2009 Mexico Tulum

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Our first trip to Mexico.  It was great.  We spent time with our great friends Tony and Jane.  They were there because their son Chris was getting wed.

Since it was a few weeks ago and I didn't blog - I took a vacation this time - here is what I remember.  These are just random thoughts, and is my nature, I remember bad stuff sometimes longer and better than good stuff.  So take it with a grain of sand.  Not a overall rating of the resort or the experience.  Overall ratings while comparing with other places we've been... 

Scores out of 10.

Resort 8
Pools 8
Buffet 10
Ala Carts 7
Beach 3
Location from Airport 3
Booze 6
Staff 8

Trip down was supposed to be nonstop from Halifax 1st class in the diagonal sleeping seats.  As I think back, they were superb.  However, Air Canada Vacations changed the flight to leave from Toronto and somehow we got shafted into not getting first class from to and from Toronto.  Checked at the airport each way, and they agreed we were supposed to be in first class, no room on the way to Toronto, but on the way home we got it.  First class is worth the extra couple of hundred bucks, even better when it is included.  But make sure you don't get the run around if we get a situation like mine.

The resort, too far from the airport.  Two plus hours by bus.  Should have taken a cab as we were the 4th stop along the route.

Buffet food was the best that we've had in a while - topping Cuba and Dominican Republic.  Beach was the worst.  Sand was OK, but there is so much rock that swimming - well, you don't just run down to the beach and jump in.  Luckily we are pool creatures with a couple of "down to the ocean" per day - not this trip.

Talum, the ruins, was alright I guess.  Maybe they were great but my expectations were unrealistic.  There was no pyramid or anything close.  Some stone structures and a 2 or 3 story high stone structure on cliff above the ocean which did actually have a fantastic beach!

The booze you ask.  I drank Diet Doctor Pepper so I can't comment.  Well I did have a few drinks.  This resort did not provide the premium brands that we are used to getting at other resorts, but hey, straight rum works for me.

The resort was beautiful but a bit dated.  Crappy CRT TV.  YES I want a TV.  The room key was a piece of metal instead of a swipe card, and the small safe more metal instead of a combo.  Our room was central to everything - absolutely perfect.  A view of the ocean, the buffet was next door and so was the pool and beach and lobby.  A fairly large resort, but you know what they say - location, location, location.

On the way back to the airport, it was a bit slippery.  Watched a pickup truck in front on us go into the ditch between the pair of divided highway lanes. flip over catch on fire.  He got out and was ok.

Would we go back to Mexico.  I think so.  However, I feel safest in Cuba with the Dominican Republic a close second.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the "raw" images - I have not worked on them or even checked them closely - no time...

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