2013 Mediterranean Cruise

Family road trip.  All the brothers and wives and kids.  Sweet!

Quick review.  Great trip.  My advice...  13 port days and 1 sea day is very busy.  Look for fewer port days and/or more sea days, or shorten the cruise to 10 or 11 days.  Bari Italy can substitute for a sea day, stay aboard.  Time of year:  DO NOT visit the Mediterranean during the heat of the summer.  Ie DO NOT visit between mid June and mid September.  It is too hot.  Stay at home and enjoy summer at home.  May to early June or mid September to October is the best time to visit.  You have great weather, more than comfortable temperatures (check an almanac) and you will enjoy yourself more.  The ship:  Celebrity Silhouette.  Great!  Staff on board - FANTASTIC!  It almost doesn't get any better than this.

I am sure I am jaded, but the most beautiful and magical place in the world for me is Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Coast.  For additional photos of this magical place, see my 2008 Croatia trip images.

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Photo Gallery (unprocessed images).   Images taken with Olympus E3 and iPhone5.

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