Riley at Tatamagouche

What is a (lazy) golden "dogger" (Riley) supposed to do while his active sister (Spinner) competes in a 2 day flyball tournament in Tatamagouche?

Watch Riley (the Dog who doesn't always think he likes to swim) crash through the waves in the Northumberland Straight.  You are better off RIGHT CLICKING and saving to desktop, then playing it from there rather than left clicking on the link below to play directly.

Watch Riley swim the waves (video) (38 MB)



Riley took a long time to learn how to swim, here he is first time in the ocean, in very big surf (to a dog) and actually enjoying it?

(Please wait for movie to download) 05 another stick surf over head.AVI

Riley is a very highly motivated performance orientated dog.  Here is more from his Agility trial(s)...

(Please wait for movie to download) 109_0978.AVI

Want to see one more Riley adventure... 109_0979.AVI