01 - The Flight To

Dad drove us to YHZ where we used the Maple Leaf Lounge. Not a long wait, easy flight to St. John’s 1.5 hours. Short stay in ML Lounge there. 4.5 hours to London, nice flight, 2 course gourmet meal with unlimited drinks (of course). Both flights had the new touch screen entertainment system. Got handed a red card (a good thing in this case Tony) for the “fast track” immigration line at Heathrow. It was like being the pilot, we were 5th in line. Took under 10 minutes.

Waited for a bus to the Holiday Inn Ariel airport Hotel. Checked in, had a bite in the lounge, BLT and potato chips 6 quid each, blimey. Hotel room very small as expected. I thought a bit dumpy.

We left Halifax weather behind, 24-29 and sunny pretty much for the past 2 plus weeks, hope we are that lucky here; but, knowing what I’ve heard and seen of England weather over the years, I am not sure. Regardless, weather will not dictate the success of our trip.