03 - Portsmouth Dockyard

Breakfast in the hotel (Queen’s Hotel) and then off for a short walk to the Chick’s. From there we went to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard where we toured the Victory, saw the outside of the Warrior, and toured the restored remains of the Mary Rose - amazing. We also saw the Spinnaker Tower and walked thru a few parts of the museum. For you nay sayers who think Halifax should not have such a “thing” – pooh on you, we really should! We took the harbour tour from which sailed past the vast DFD (Department For Defence) Portsmouth naval dockyard which at one time employed over a quarter of a million people at one time. And it now has the task of building 2 new aircraft carriers.

After nearly 5 hours of being our tour guide, Tony volunteered to cook us a Sunday country dinner – and when he says he is going to cook, he delivers. As I write, feet up in his living room, Lisa asleep (jet lag?), her feet on my lap begging for the occasion attention of my firm strong hands, Tony’s cooking is wafting from the kitchen and tickling my pallet. Blimey, I can’t wait!

While we wait, why don’t I tell you a funny story. As we were walking to the car to head for Asda’s (Wal-mart) to buy groceries, Tony said “Keep walking, I’ll catch you up, I have to nip in here for a wee pee.” He did and he did. I’m hoping he’ll teach me more English, both good and bad.

Here are a few words and expressions to ponder. Pushchairs are strollers. Pants are underwear, trousers are pants. They actually still drive on the wrong side of the road in cars mostly made in France and Germany. I am convinced that they will one day wake up and realize how wrong that is. A wanker is – well, we have them at home as well.

Anyway, dinner was fantastic. Lamb, peas, carrots, potatoes, bread with oil and vinegar, wine, and a trifle desert. Followed by some easy (as always) conversation, drinks, and picture viewing. Off to our hotel half nine. We avoided rain today.
Portsmouth Historical Naval Dockyard
The Mary Rose Blimey!  You would think we were at a football match and Portsmouth was losing! On the deck of The Victory