02 - Off to Portsmith

After a decent night’s shut eye, Tony picked us up and drove us via the M4 to Southsea (a town in the city of Portsmouth), on an island, across from the Isle of Wight, home to the #1 dog British Admiral (who is Tony’s neighbor in behind) where Jane awaited our arrival. After a tour of the their house and catching up, Tony and I hoofed a short walk (in the rain) to pick up cod and chips for lunch. Lets footnote this as #1.

Later in the afternoon we took another short walk around the corner for some shopping. A visit to the chemist (Boots) and Debenham’s where I picked up a nice pair of trousers (with the perfect inseam of 29) for 15 quid and tax. We walked through more light rain (which was on and off all day and night) back to the house.

Later we went to Stafford’s for dinner where I had – take a guess – the duck! The meal was great, too much food, right amount of white and red wine. Then off to a pub around the corner for a pint. There were many people about and a few cougars, even a few wallys. After our drink, we went for a short walk along the sea, back to watch the football scores and back to the hotel. As I finish my blog for the day, Lisa is tearing through the suitcases – “found it” she says – looking for our contact lens stuff.
Dangerous Pants?
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