14 - Going Home

Early to rise, light breakfast, good bye Jane (we’ll miss you), off we went Tony driving us all the way to the airport. Tony you are too kind. We’ll miss you too!

At the airport, we got to go through the priority security line, ie no one in front of us, and boom, we were shopping duty free; and, I grabbed my last “skinny”. London was great, Portsmouth was great, the people were great, Jane and Tony (and Coco) were more than great. Thank you guys. It was great to see London, but it was greater to see you guys again. And we look forward to our next encounter, regardless of the venue. The coaster on your counter last night says it all. Remember my last words… “Tag you’re it!”

Anyway, bought a few magazines and off to the lounge where we had some veg and dip, nacho chips and dip, a few drinks, some cheese until our plane was ready to board. Once at the gate and onto the plane, we were greeted and treated with the usual fare, champagne, warm towels, the menu for our meal… an appetizer, the main course, the dessert course, the cheese course, and drinks before , in between and after. I passed on all the drinks, I drank more pints in the past two weeks than I would normally drink in close to a year. Really I had enough! But I was with me mucker, so when in Rome…

We took off on time, noonish, set our watches back 4 hours and prepared ourselves for the around seven hour flight home.

Ah nice comfy seats, 6 way power seats, took my shoes off, checked my socks with quick finger test, come on admit it, you all have done it, all was OK so I stretched out for the ride home. Oops, my magazine was hanging out for the pocket in the seat in front of me, so I reached forward with my foot to kick it back in, no can do, can’t reach the seat in front of me… Oh well, I’ll push the “stewardess” button on my arm rest…

Skinnies 9, canard 5, Caesar 7, F&C 5, scone/clotted cream/jam 4. Pints? Dozens. Miles walked – many. Many hours and hours per day. Pounds coming home with in my pocket – one, oh and 65p. Oh and I’m bringing back another mere 3.5 pounds in non currency. Nothing a few 35k rides won’t take care of.

Well this is it, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I liked telling it. The opinions and thoughts of the author are just that. The people and places mentioned could in whole or in part be just the over active imagination of a new 49er (no not a football reference Dan). Events may or may not have happened exactly or at all as described. I married a lawyer, what can I say.

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If I have offended any of me mates, muckers, or blokes, sorry. If I offended any wallys, well, it sucks to be a wally.

PS. Two hours before landing, they came around with afternoon tea and scones and clotted cream and jam. Enough already! I can’t eat or drink anymore! I passed, I am no longer in England!

If you missed it earlier, here is a video taste, a summary of the whole trip.   England Muvee  TURN SOUND ON FIRST