2007 England

DISCLAIMER.  Blogging is kind of fun, and yet sometimes quite the chore, having to remember the interesting or relevant events and then having the discipline to document it all.  Yet I made it through, again, as I did when in France, to the end.  If you read on, I promises you a clean, safe, hopefully often humorous look into how I experienced and enjoyed England with the love of my life, my wife Lisa, and our two best friends (former neighbors) Tony and Jane Chick.  But be warned, I may ramble, go off topic, give lectures, tips, insight into things not even I know enough or anything about. Along the way, I will try and provide links to interesting items where you can explore further if you wish.  Mind the gap.
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  8. For those of you just interested in fast cars... Beaulieu and Thruxton
  9. For those with just a couple of minutes (today) (and will be back for the full experience) here is a video taste, a summary of the whole trip.  England Muvee  TURN SOUND ON FIRST